The Drifting Boats are a modern worship band with alt-country folk flavours. Forming in 2016, the band is made up of six songwriters, worship leaders, and instrumentalists who love to sing, dance, and create music! The heart of the band is their desire to be led by God in their lives, carried and guided by His voice. Together, each member brings their passion and joy in loving Jesus, and groovin’ while doing it! Paul leads with his vocals, acoustic guitar, and various instruments. Rachael brings her glorious vocals, Justin layers each song with ambient electric guitar, Lachie is always foot-stamping and jamming on the bass, Dan carries the rhythm and beats on the drums, and Maxine takes the ivory keys and glockenspiel to melodic haven.

The band’s debut EP “Yes” from 2016 under Paul Mah and the Drifting Boats unleashed fun folk jams along with various gems that followed, including More of You and their latest single, Dance in the River, the first single off the 2019 album release. Their music has already been heard and enjoyed in a array of events such as Surrender Conference, Increase Conference, Forest Edge Music Festival, the Ballarat Carols, and a collection of local churches. The Drifting Boats love to bring their music to any room, stage, or backyard ready for a fun night of praise!

With their self-titled debut album released in 2019, The Drifting Boats presented fresh songs of various writers, offering a well of distinct yet beautifully entwined joy-releasing songs of freedom. The Drifting Boats album unveils songs of the heart and melodic anthems that will invite you to sing a little louder, dance a little braver, and live free and full of faith.